Who we are

Our teams work on numerous proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and market-ready products that harness the power of AI for our clients.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

Companies of all shapes and sizes are unlocking the power of AI to improve operations, boost productivity, create efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize revenue. With Big-J-Ai at your side, you can take full advantage of these benefits – gaining a competitive edge. We specialize in leveraging big data and AI to create tailor-made models that solve real-world business challenges. With our big data and AI experts, our end-to-end services and solutions are built for scale and performance. 

Beyond the value to the bottom line, we are your partner and provide our knowledge, expertise, and best in tech to advance your business.


Leadership Team

Khalil Sioud


Jihed Sioud

Managing Partner

Ghada Sghaier

Marketing Strategist